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About BioSheeN

Many will say they are an industry BioSheen we are not exaggerating when we humbly submit to you that we are a true and highly respected industry leader.


Simply Put - The Only Team of Professional Certified Bio-Forensic Restoration Specialists® in Texas.

BioSheen is the only Forensic Restoration®/Trauma Cleanup Company acknowledged in both the Restoration Industry Association (RIA) Forensic Guidelines and the ANSI/IICRC S540 Standard for Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup.  These two guidelines are the current standards by which Crime Scene Cleaning companies or Forensic Restoration® companies are measured.

Every Team Member at BioSheen are Professional Certified Forensic Operators® at a minimum – they have been highly trained, and are experienced for your peace of mind. In addition, multiple Certified Bio-Forensic Restoration Specialists® (the industry’s highest degree of certification) are on staff and will oversee every job.


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Please contact us now at (972) 808-6020 for an initial consultation. Your call is important to us and will be answered by a member of the management staff.



Operating at the Highest Level of Professionalism and Discretion to Serve You at Anytime Day or Night in Your Greatest Time of Need.  


At BioSheen, all forensic incident sites are thoroughly and completely disinfected, cleaned, and bio-tested for clearance. Utilizing our trademarked Structural Forensic Restoration™ process, we ensure that each incident site is not only visually clean, but scientifically and biologically better than“Food Grade Safe.”

Don't fall for marketing hype of 30 to 40-step plans, BioSheen's Exclusive 7-Step Process has been proven at all incident sites over a 46 year period. 

BioSheen's exclusive 7-step process includes, but is not limited to:

  • Pre and Post-Bio testing.

  • Forensic Cleaning™ - the removal of all biological contaminants and pathogens to prepare surfaces for professional disinfecting.

  • Pre and Post-Disinfecting utilizing hospital-grade professional disinfecting agents to kill all known pathogens.

Science and Science-Fiction: State-of-the-Art Weapons of Mass Destruction for Microbial Warfare.

At BioSheen, we always utilize the absolute premium cleaning and disinfecting agents, tools, and technology that have been field tested and proven to ensure maximum effectiveness on every Forensic Restoration® incident site.


In fact, the technology that we are able to employ in the field would have been considered science-fiction or Top Secret just a few years ago - our Binary Ionization Technology (BIT™), for example, developed by a large U.S. defense contractor and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Your safety is of our utmost concern. The efficacy of cleaning and disinfecting agents are critical in ensuring maximum removal of biological hazards - we boast a six-log kill (99.9999%) against even the toughest microbial pathogens.

BioSheen’s extensive testing and selection of only the finest cleaning and disinfecting agents in the industry helps to ensure upon scientific bio-testing each Structural Forensic Restoration® site is made better than food-grade safe for our client’s peace of mind.

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BioSheen of texas

  • Certified Bio-Forensic Restoration Specialists® at your service.

  • Certified Forensic Operators® at your service.

  • Certified by the Global BioRisk Advisory Council (GBAC).

  • Utilizes state-of-the-art technology developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and Defense Contractors to ensure decimation of all known pathogens.

  • Efficacy - EPA registered arsenal provides a six-log kill (99.9999%).

  • Over 46 years of Forensic Restoration® service in the field.

  • Compliant with OSHA Regulations.

  • IICRC Certified.

  • ICRA Certified.

  • Properly insured and bonded.

  • Contracts with a Medical Waste Disposal Company for legal disposal.

  • Zero tolerance policy regarding drugs and alcohol. Employees are subject to random drug testing.

  • Free Consultations.

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